From Taiwan to Portland: Inspired to Dance

09 February 2015 | 0 Comments

VivianOur Taiwanese intern, Vivian, joined us for the Groovin’ Greenhouse and Winter Student Performances in January.  This is a reflection of her thoughts after watching rehearsal and participating in the administrative preparations for the first performances of 2015:

First of all, I’m lucky that I could help out and watch these performances. Still now, I remembered that I was surprised when I saw the students dancing and climbing aerial fabric. In my case, when I was their age, I did not try that, and I thought they must be brave to do that. Furthermore, on stage, they didn’t rush, they wanted to perform. The most important thing is that they were encouraged, which I think is key to helping youth continue to learn to dance.

Secondly, I realized that even though I am not a professional dancer, I could still dance when during my free time.  I missed the feeling that I enjoy while dancing, which I found I had lost. I did not watch contemporary dance when I was in Taiwan, so it was my first experience with this. I really like this kind of dance.  I don’t like the dance that requires one to just memorize steps, and everyone dances the same steps together.

I found the creativity and possibility of dance from watching Polaris, and I can bring that with me to Taiwan. All in all, I’m happy and thankful that I’m able to have this intern positions at Polaris Dance Theatre. Through these days, these experiences have broadened my horizons. During the Groovin’ Greenhouse performances I was inspired to dance, and I decided I will keep dancing after I go back to Taiwan.


Session 2 Open Enrollment

05 February 2015 | 0 Comments


The first week of Session to is almost over, but it’s not too late to enroll! Polaris offers a range of classes for youth ages 1+, teens, adults, and seniors, including parent/child classes, aerial, hip hop, contemporary, tap, ballet, acro, and pointe for people of all ages and abilities.

Not sure if a class is right for you? Drop-ins are welcome! Swing by and see if a class is a good fit, and if you love it (which we think you will), you can enroll with your drop-in payment going towards enrollment fees!

Click here to check out our classes!




“Groovin’ Greenhouse” Opening Week Line-Up

19 January 2015 | 0 Comments

Jan 22

Jan 23-2

Jan 24


Polaris’ New International Intern Talks Dance

14 January 2015 | 0 Comments


My name is Vivian, and I’ve come from Taiwan to study in America. Through my university, I’ve joined a program in which we take English language classes, then volunteer for non-profit organizations.

I arrived in America in September, and I am now an intern for Polaris Dance Theatre. I chose Polaris because I’m interested in dancing and seeing their unique performances.

When I was an elementary school student, I took ballet classes, but I stopped when I hurt my neck. Despite my injury, after a few years I wanted to try some jazz and hip-hop classes because I still wanted to dance.

When I saw the mission of Polaris, I felt so touched and excited that I eventually decided to volunteer. Through this opportunity, I have been learning about their administrative work and watched the dance company rehearse for their upcoming performance, Groovin’ Greenhouse.

It makes me cheerful and inspires me to continue to learn about dance. I have really enjoyed volunteering here, and look forward to helping with the performances!


Reflecting on 2014: Letter from the Artistic Director

02 January 2015 | 0 Comments

Dear Friend,

Grateful and growing are the two words that come to mind when I think about 2014 at Polaris Dance Theatre. We’ve experienced amazing growth in our programming, performances and staff, and we look forward to continuing on this path towards collaborative outreach and community enrichment.

We face a time when funding cuts in the performing arts and education are increasing, but with the help of our board, staff, dancers, students, parents and most importantly, our supporters, we’re working to continue the important programming we provide to the local community and beyond.

This journey of discovery, which I share with these gifted individuals, is an exploration of passion, challenges, and strengths, which culminates in a rich artistic offering for audiences who overwhelmingly proclaim that they’ve been moved and forever changed by their experience with Polaris Dance Theatre.

Robert Guitron, Artistic Director

Photo courtesy of Jingzi Photography

The more I work with the unique, gifted, and giving group of students and dancers, the more touched I am to be included in such meaningful projects, many of which change lives, including my own. 

I am ever-grateful to the wonderful body of students and parents who are drawn to the innovative classes we offer, and I am ever-humbled by the community support that continues to overflow within our organization. All this adds to the mission and spirit that is uniquely Polaris!

At Polaris, we believe that EVERY BODY can dance…no matter age or ability! We proudly reflect this mission in our programming, which additionally this year included tap classes, the launch of our SprindBoard program for teens,  parent/child classes for ages 1 and up, and senior classes for ages 55+.

I am Polaris

I am honored to be working with such a talented and hard-working group of artists, including Gerard Regot from Spain, one of two international dance company members this year. Regot’s unique movement style, both as a dancer and choreographer, broadens and enriches Polaris’ artistic vision.

Polaris has created 327 original dance works since our opening in 2002.  We continue to develop progressive contemporary dance, demonstrated by our 2014 performances, including the much-anticipated annual Groovin’ Greenhouse in January, which brought in 8 guest dance companies; Homegrown in June, featuring distinguished, local choreographers, sound artists and performers;  and Word, a riveting blend of dance to spoken word.

2014-2015 Season

This year also brought us new staff, including our Marketing Manager, Mary Overman, with whom we’ve made new strides and strategies, and along with our board, have continued to develop organizational structure and growth.  Polaris’ achievements and accomplishments would not be possible without their professional guidance, unwavering support, passion, and yes…a little elbow grease!

Exciting adventures are in store for Polaris, including our search for a new home. Our current home in downtown Portland, one we’ve called ours for the past 6 years, will transition to condominiums. We’re looking forward to the new relationships this move will bring, and hope you’ll remain with us on this new adventure!

As we move into our 13th year, I’m thankful for the opportunity to continue on this journey with you, our supporters. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel towards our many volunteers, collaborators, and contributors, without whom we would not succeed. With your support, we’ll continue flourishing in the city that we love.

To you and yours, may the new year bring you peace, love, and dance!

Robert Guitron

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